Espresso Tutorials: Triple Tech LLC dba Bigger Brains

Triple Tech LLC dba Bigger Brains

Engaging training was all Bigger Brains’ founder Chip Reaves wanted for his clients… but couldn’t find. Chip was previously known as an entrepreneur in the technology industry creating four IT companies, including Computer Troubleshooters, a global tech services franchise.

Many clients wanted to add training to the service they were receiving, so Chip began to innovate. Designed as a training platform for IT consultants, Bigger Brains began development in 2012. Early focus groups were asked to rate eLearning content from various vendors for use in the Bigger Brains platform. However, early reviews were overwhelmingly negative: “Boring,” “Hard to understand,” “Slow.”  

Realizing a better format was needed, Bigger Brains’ creative team extensively researched how people learn and what makes training content engaging and compelling. This was done by borrowing techniques from television, movies, and social media videos. The result is a “Uniquely Engaging™” Teacher/Learner style, which uses video, conversation, practical examples, and Instinctive Elaboration to create outcome-oriented lessons which are effective AND enjoyable.

Bigger Brains continually improves the quality of online training delivery, by introducing new tools like BrainBot, our training reinforcement app, our eLearning app for Microsoft Teams, and our self-updating SCORM packages.   Today, the Bigger Brains team continues Powering Productivity, One Brain at a Time from studios in Anderson, South Carolina, and offices in Bogota, Colombia, and Chennai, India