How many books and videos can I access with my account?

With your license you have access to all titles in the library in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. Your subscription automatically includes all new publications. We are currently planning to add 40 to 50 new titles per year.

How quickly will the access data be sent to me?

We offer our customers access immediately upon receipt of their order. You will receive the access details via email within a few minutes of purchase (if not, please check your spam filter!) and can then access all titles immediately.

Which formats are available?

The media (books and videos) are copyrighted and secured with DRM protection. Access is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Can I download ebooks and read them offline?

Yes, however this is only possible by accessing the titles using the iOS or Android app.

Can I print the contents of ebooks in my digital SAP Library?

Yes, individual pages can be printed.

Is there trial access available?

Yes, at https://et.training/free-trial you can test the out the library for a few days, free of charge with no obligation. If you want to test team or company access, please send us an email at info@espresso-tutorials.com.

Can I give other people access to my digital SAP Library?

Each subscription is designed for access by only one person with a user account and personal access data. We expressly prohibit you from sharing your access to the account, the library, and the products stored in the library, either temporarily or permanently.

Can an entire company access the library?

Yes, using a stored IP address the library system can recognize the company network and logging with a username and password is not necessary.

Are the ebooks citable and do the pages correspond to the pages in the print media?

Yes, ebooks are provided in a PDF view and are citable. Integration with the Citavi reference management system is also available.

What happens to an old edition when it is replaced by a new edition?

The old edition is technically offline. In order to continue to provide a secure source reference for universities, a separate activation in the user profile is possible. Please send us an email at info@espresso-tutorials.com for more information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscribers to our SAP learning platform can cancel at any time in their “Profile” (top right), on et.training, with just one click. You will receive a written confirmation by mail. Your access will then be available to you as usual until the end of the designated billing period. If you have forgotten your login details, please use our password reset function or our cancellation form.