Reviews with Espresso Tutorials

What can companies expect when they introduce the SAP Learning Platform subscription?

On the pulse of time

Espresso Tutorials helps us to take the next step into a learning organization; with S/4HANA, BTP and development courses, absolute future topics have recently been increasingly added to the learning catalog. The ET company also impresses with good communication and optimal networking in the industry on the pulse of time.

testimonial Patrick Röckel Head of Competence Center Logistics Services, Heraeus

This SAP knowledge platform is unique

This SAP knowledge platform is unique! Our employees use it company-wide via a flat rate. In addition, we were able to significantly strengthen our SAP network from our collaboration with Espresso Tutorials. This company stands for innovation, quality, service and a wonderful, brilliant team.

testimonial Marianne Hennies Head of Group Controlling & Analytics, Refratechnik

Espresso tutorials are golden

For us as a consulting firm, Espresso Tutorials is worth its weight in gold, as consultants constantly need new knowledge - the knowledge is served up in a compact and crisp form! Perfect for our job!

testimonial Michael Bloß Partner, adesso orange AG

Attractively designed, reader-friendly and compact

The very good, attractively designed, reader-friendly, compact knowledge transfer through the ET reading was not entirely innocent of the fact that I passed my current SAP HCM consultant certification with a pleasing 99%.

testimonial Elke Raschczok SAP consultant and IT administrator, TASys GmbH

Only positive feedback

I have only heard positive feedback about the online training. The lecturer is great at explaining things, the training content and the tasks are very helpful and fulfill their purpose.

testimonial Viktoria Lepeschko Human Resources, MSA GmbH

The price is hard to beat

The Espresso Tutorials price is hard to beat! It's a cost-effective way of keeping up to date on a wide range of SAP topics. I'm currently reading "SAP ERP User Guide - Tips to Increase Productivity." Even with 25 years of experience behind me, I've still learned a few new tips.

testimonial Steve Biskie Managing Director, High Water Advisors

Essential for our success

As an SAP consulting company, having qualified consultants is essential for our success. We have been using the SAP eBook flat rate for 5 years and we are very happy with it.

testimonial Jörg Liedtke CEO, abide consult AG

Convenient access

The technology with the stored IP addresses works fantastically. I have never had such easy access with an online subscription.

testimonial Thomas Tiede Managing Director, IBS Schreiber GmbH

Comprehensive documents that are easy to understand

Training is today challenging and time consuming and one solution cannot meet all of the requirements. The Espresso Tutorials SAP eBook Library is an excellent solution for our employees. There are extensive resources that are easy to understand. We are very satisfied with the solution and enjoy using it often.

testimonial Bernd Knobel Managing Director, QUANTO Solutions GmbH

High-quality SAP learning materials

Our entire team loves the SAP eBook library! It is phenomenal to have unlimited access to so many high-quality SAP resources—books and video tutorials. It is absolutely the best deal available in SAP education.

testimonial Sydnie McConnell Business Systems Analyst, Woodward

Impressive high quality of learning material

I am impressed by the high quality SAP materials in the SAP eBook Library. They are very valuable even for an experienced SAP consultant like myself. The First Steps series of books are especially helpful for getting an effective jumpstart on specific SAP topics.

testimonial Stoil Jotev SAP Consultant, SAP Consultant, Independent

Your books are simply good

Good things deserve to be publicized! Your books are simply good because they focus on the essentials and you can’t help but notice that the authors know exactly what they are talking about.

testimonial Sascha Kuhn Business Unit Accounting, Business Unit Accounting, CONET Business Consultants GmbH