Microsoft Teams in 30 Minutes 

Microsoft Teams in 30 Minutes 

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It seems like there is never enough time during the day to get every important thing done. Between a growing worklist and other life obligations, most people look to cut time wastage wherever they can. Because of this, Bigger Branis has created a new course, Microsoft Teams in 30 Minutes. This course aims to help people learn the skills they need in a reasonable time frame. We know people don’t have hours to waste on a training course, so we want to make sure that we provide essential tips in a convenient time frame. 

Why is this Important? 

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started, there has been an increased number of companies using Microsoft Teams to stay connected. Because of this, many companies had to train employees on how to use Teams effectively. As companies decide whether they want employees to spend more time in the office or continue to work from home, it is crucial to have good training material.   

Our Teams in 30 Minutes course will showcase the same standard of dedication regarding quality and quantity of information. This course will cater to our learners who lead a busy lifestyle. For those who live on the go, Bigger Brains courses can travel with you through the convenience of your cellphone! 

Bigger Brains is dedicated to powering productivity, one brain at a time. Because of this, we ensure the highest degree of dedication goes into every course we make!