Mastering Access 2013

Mastering Access 2013

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Everything you need to know about Microsoft Access–delivered in easily searchable, highly informative video modules

Microsoft Access lets ordinary users develop powerful apps customized for their business needs. The new Access 2013 lets you build web-based apps which anyone can use. In this course experienced Microsoft Access trainer Peggy Ward will walk you through building your first Microsoft Access desktop or web app. Go from beginner to expert through 45 detailed lessons–or jump straight to the information you need right now with our built-in search function

Topics covered include:

  • Creating and managing tables
  • Using templates
  • Building and modifying queries
  • Using forms and reports
  • Mastering database maintenance
  • Creating web apps


  1. Getting Started
  2. Database Objects 
  3. Creating a Database
  4. Creating Tables
  5. Importing External Data 
  6. Creating Linked Tables
  7. Creating Tables from Templates 
  8. Working with Records in a Table
  9. Tables and Forms
  10. Planning Tables and Forms
  11. Creating a Table in Design View
  12. Managing Table Relationships, Part 1
  13. Managing Table Relationships, Part 2
  14. Controlling Data Entry, Part 1
  15. Controlling Data Entry, Part 2
  16. Controlling Data Entry, Part 3
  17. Working with Tables  
  18. Importing Data from Other Sources
  19. Import and Link Data from Other Sources
  20. Import and Link Data from Excel
  21. Creating a Select Query
  22. Working with Criteria 
  23. Doing More with Queries
  24. Group and Summarize Data in a Query
  25. Creating Flexible Queries
  26. Creating Action Queries, Part 1
  27. Creating Action Queries, Part 2
  28. Creating and Modifying Forms
  29. Modify Forms in Design View, Part 1 
  30. Modify Forms in Design View, Part 2
  31. Add Controls to Forms
  32. Tab Pages and Form Control Properties
  33. Create and Modify Reports Wizard 
  34. Modify Reports in Design View 
  35. Formatting Reports
  36. Adding Calculations to a Report 
  37. Putting Finishing Touches on a Report 
  38. Modify Startup Options
  39. Maintaining a Database, Part 1 
  40. Maintaining a Database, Part 2 
  41. Merging Databases
  42. Exporting to External Locations
  43. Saving Databases 
  44. Creating a Web App from a Template 
  45. Creating a Custom Web App