A Practical Guide to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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A Practical Guide to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

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  • By
  • Klaus-Peter Sauer

283 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960121275

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Learn about the advantages of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC): from data management all the way through to visualization, this book covers all the tools you need to set up a modern, cloud-based data warehouse landscape. You can even set up hybrid architectures or convert on-premise SAP BW systems to the SAP BW Bridge.

Operating departments will learn how they can use virtual work areas (spaces) to enrich central corporate data with local data without having to copy data or download files. New findings can be easily shared with others. For IT employees in particular, there is an extensive introduction to modeling and the Data Builder. With the editors and functionalities of this tool, you get to know the technical implementation of data modeling in more detail. In addition, the Business Builder offers professional users a simplified analysis of data by reducing the time required for semantic modeling and enrichment of data.

After discussing important aspects of the configuration and security of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, the author looks at the developments that can be expected for this highly dynamic topic in the future.

  • Basic principles of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Virtual interaction between operating departments and IT via spaces 
  • Separation of semantic modeling and the data layer
  • SAP BW Bridge and Hybrid landscapes