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Excerpt from First Steps in SAP SuccessFactors – Performance and Talent Management

Tiles, as shown in Figure 2.2, are squared-shaped items that contain some type of information. The idea behind tiles is to offer users a dashboard all on one screen in which they can see, navigate and monitor a huge range of items across
the suite.
It is important to understand that the home page is quite flexible. Tiles can be dragged and dropped into different positions within the screen and their names can be changed.
Tiles can be configured in various ways:
– Mandatory for all users (all users will see that particular tile).
– Optional, which means that each user has the ability to hide any tile that is not mandatory.
– Dynamic, which means that the system would only display tiles that are relevant to each user. For example, the “Manage My Team” tile would only display to users who actually have direct reports. Anyone without direct reports would never see the tile.



Figure 2.3: Manage My Team tile in the SuccessFactors home page

First Steps in SAP SuccessFactors – Performance and Talent Management covers the fundamentals of the SAP SuccessFactors module Performance and Talent Management. You will be expertly guided through the talent management process of an entire employee cycle. Learn how to record employee profile data and track goals and performance. Explore employee development tools and learn about the options for succession planning. Walk through practical applications and detailed examples for a goals template and compensation worksheet example.Ensure that you understand role-based permissions and dive into reporting.

– Fundamentals of SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management functionality
– Key functionality including tiles, menus, company information, admin center & upgrade center
– Talent search and success planning tools
– Reporting tools including list view, spotlight view, and classic view

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245Author Pablo Stuardo is a SuccessFactors Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young. He focuses on the entire SAP SuccessFactors suite and has supported a wide variety of implementations and deployments for different clients at a global level. A native Chilean, Pablo is fluent in Spanish and English, and graduated from Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business with a dual degree in Computer Information Systems and Finance.