Espresso Tutorials: Stephen Birchall

Stephen Birchall

Stephen Birchall has more than 34 years of IT consulting experience and has spent the last 24 years as a SAP consultant. Stephen has expansive knowledge of SAP systems and modules, his primary area of expertise is SAP MM and AP processes. Stephen worked as a Lead Logistics Trainer at the SAP UK training center for 4 years, delivering a wide spectrum of SAP logistics courses including Invoice Verification / AP courses. In each of those 4 years 1995/6/7 and 8 SAP identified Stephen as the highest rated SAP trainer in the UK. While at the training center in the UK, Stephen single-handedly delivered the 5 week MM Academy ten times, back-to-back and loved every minute of it! Mr. Birchall was asked by SAP AG to write some additional exam questions for SAP’s MM exam. Stephen’s enthusiasm for SAP software is based on his first-hand experience of its capabilities on various projects at several major organizations, including several assignments for Deloitte, Accenture, SAP and HCL Axon. As a consultant, Stephen has experience in a wide variety of industries, ranging from the music industry to pharmaceutical organizations