Invoice Verification for SAP

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Invoice Verification for SAP

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  • By
  • Stephen Birchall

230 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9781497506473

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Invoice verification in SAP is an often misunderstood subject, despite its central role in contributing to a company’s fiscal health. Adding to the confusion is the fact that it falls between two teams the MM team and the FI team and each assumes that the other is responsible for the design and configuration of Invoice Verification. Although the process can be streamlined, many organizations get the design and use of invoice verification wrong, resulting in vendors not being paid and accounts being placed on stop, which prevents further Purchase Orders from being processed until the vendor has been paid.

The aim of this book is to help readers fully understand the invoice verification process, particularly the changes in ERP 6.0. If they get the design right, then the process will run smoothly and vendors will be paid on time (not too early either). User input can be kept to a minimum and much of the process can be automatic. There are one or two basic mistakes that are made during the design of the process and the guide highlights these (and many other confusing areas), and describes, in simple terms, the options available along with the consequences of getting it wrong.

  • Learn Everything You Need for Invoice Verification and its Role in FI and MM
  • Keep User Input at Minimum and Automate the Process
  • Discover Best Practices to Configure and Maximize the USe of this FUnctionality
  • Avoid Commonly-Made Mistakes