New Release: Practical Guide to Auditing SAP Systems

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Fabian Bentz



Espresso Tutorials is pleased to announce the release of Practical Guide to Auditing SAP Systems by Sebastian Mayer and Martin Metz.

What do I need to do to successfully complete an SAP system audit? Get expert guidance on the top 12 controls that should be included in your audit activities, including accounts and authorizations, the changeability settings of tables, clients, and entire systems, change logs, and security configuration settings. Written with SAP administrators and security consultants in mind, this book expertly answers these questions and explores the techniques needed to quickly determine the high-level security status of an SAP system. Walk through a standard control framework you can use to improve and strengthen the security position of your SAP system. Get an overview of the impact of SAP HANA, mobile, and cloud on SAP audits.

„- Basic principles of the audit function
„- Common SAP system audit issues
„- SAP tools and functionality auditors can use, including pre-defined reports
„- Top 12 controls that should be included in your audit activities

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MetzAuthor Martin Metz is a Cyber Security Evangelist at Accenture who helps clients to increase their security posture. Martin’s expertise includes cyber security strategy and governance, as well as cyber assessments. He has led multiple security programs and integrated SAP security, privileged access management, and multi-factor authentication solutions.
MayerAuthor Sebastian Mayer is an associate director within the IT Internal Audit solution at Protiviti Germany with extensive experience in SAP consulting, IT audit, IT internal control systems, and information security. He has been employed at Protiviti since 2014 after gaining experience as an SAP consultant at T-Systems and CGI.