Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Espresso Tutorials

Fabian Bentz

381Espresso Tutorials is pleased to announce the addition of Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to our portfolio of SAP books. This training manual is meant for self-study in SAP® BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.
It can also be used as a support for a guided introductory training. The reader will be systematically and successively learn how to use the software based on examples and exercises. Starting with elementary functionalities, he will get an ever-increasing insight into the possibilities of reporting. It does not aim at explaining each and every single menu item, but focuses on the most commonly used range of functions. The chapters each begin with a practical question from everyday reporting, the solution to which is explained by detailed and well-illustrated click-through instructions. Following the click-through instructions, short summaries as well as further in-depth background knowledge are offered, to facilitate the conceptual classification of the topics.

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