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Author Rosana Fonseca at Lake Mead in Arizona.

Meet Espresso Tutorials author Rosana Fonseca. Rosana is the author of Practical Guide to SAP Material Ledger.

How did you get your start with SAP?
I started in earnest with SAP when working as a cost accountant, specializing in product costing during an SAP implementation at a large telecom company in Brazil. I’ve always been interested in the complete loop that constitutes an ERP system, so I spent additional time learning SAP FI-CO and how it integrated into the other logistic modules within SAP, such as production planning, materials management, sales and distribution, etc. That interest then lead to certifications in SAP. From that point forward I spent less time performing accounting work and more time implementing SAP FI-CO modules as a consultant and helping organizations to improve their business processes.

What are you most proud of in your SAP career?
It’s difficult to say as my profession has allowed me to work on interesting problems with interesting clients in several countries. However, if I would have to pick one accomplishment that I’m most proud of it would be successfully implementing ML (Material Ledger) at a large multinational integrated oil & gas company. They were eager to get it in and pessimistic that it could be done as they had tried previously to implement it using different vendors, but none were successful and they became hesitant to consider this as a global costing solution for the company. I was permitted to analyze their situation and give an estimate on whether or not it could be done and if so by when. I was engaged on the spot and through lots of work it was implemented without issue and within my estimated time. The client was very happy, as was I. So that stands out as one of the more exciting and rewarding projects as there was so much doubt and pessimism at the outset, but it was turned into a very rewarding success.

What are some of the most important trends that you see currently impacting SAP teams?
Probably the biggest trend I see is toward cost cutting in the sense of end user training combined with the outsourcing and/or off shoring of specialized skills. SAP, like any ERP system, requires a certain level of competency to function smoothly. This competency is garnered through self-interest, access to training, and experience with the system. Many SAP implementations are under pressure as they seem to be lacking competent functional and technical skills which needlessly prolongs troubleshooting and system optimization.

What professional organizations are you associated with?
I’m a member of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Canada where my designation is underway and I’m also a certified accountant in Brazil and maintain membership within that organization.

How do you stay up to date on SAP topics? What resources do you regularly use?
I primarily do my own research via SAP newsletters and web sites via the SAP Marketplace Portal. I sometimes attend SAP seminars and conferences when the subject matter is in demand or that I feel that it will be in demand. A recent example of would be the transition of FI-CO to the SAP Simple Finance on HANA platform.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? 
I enjoy traveling, but I don’t have a favorite spot in particular. I enjoy seeing new places and cultures so I’m continuously on the lookout for a new place which is rich in history, architecture and culture.

Rosana Fonseca is an independent SAP Financials consultant who has been working in SAP since 1999. She is SAP certified in FI and CO modules and has extensive experience in SAP global projects in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Asia, and South America, which includes different industry segments such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Electronics, Energy, Consumer Goods, Telecom, and Aerospace. She is originally from Brazil, but is also a Canadian citizen. She currently lives in Toronto in her adopted country Canada. Rosana is the author of Practical Guide to SAP Material Ledger.