ABAP Certification Exam Practice Questions

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Fabian Bentz

136Preparing for theSAP® ABAP Certification Exam? Test your knowledge with practice exam questions on ABAP Dictionary and ABAP Programming. Get access to 2 sample questions on each topic and answers with explanations.

Excerpt from How to Pass the SAP ABAP Certification Exam by Paul Bakker, Rick Bakker.



Demystify the SAP ABAP certification process and get the knowledge you need to pass the SAP Certified Development Associate exam. This book offers a comprehensive guide to passing the certification exam—dive into question formats, review the core material you need to know, and find out what to expect on the exam. What are ABAP certification questions really like? How many different formats are there? Dive into the 11 certification topic areas including ABAP Dictionary, ABAP programming, ABAP Objects, Web Dynpro for ABAP, and enhancements and modifications. Learn proven strategies for passing the exam including practical tips for maximizing your score. This book includes realistic abbreviated and full-length sample exams and a comprehensive checklist of topics that you will be expected to know. Find out what to expect on the day of the exam. If you have the ABAP skills, this book gives you the best possible chance of passing the SAP Certified Development Associate exam.

  • Essential guide on how to pass the ABAP Associate Certification exam
  • Overview of certification exam topics
  • Proven strategies for passing the exam
  • Abbreviated and full-length practice exams with answer guides