What on Earth is an SAP IDoc?

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What on Earth is an SAP IDoc?

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  • By
  • Jelena Perfiljeva

213 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960123996

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213 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9783960123996

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This book provides you with the essential knowledge you need to work with SAP IDoc interfaces successfully. Walk through the IDoc anatomy and different kinds of segments. Dive into inbound and outbound IDoc interfaces and learn how to create a port and logical system. Walk step by step through how to configure IDoc interfaces for various business scenarios including sending an invoice to an EDI partner, receiving a sales order from an EDI partner, and receiving material master data from an external system. Learn how to use output and change pointer techniques. Examine how to monitor and troubleshoot post-IDoc interface implementation activities and get a handle on archiving best practices. Navigate IDoc interface enhancement options including adding segments and user exits. By using detailed examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers up to speed on the fundamentals of SAP IDocs.

  • Fundamentals of inbound and outbound IDoc interfaces and configuration  
  • Learn how to implement interfaces with ALE and EDI
  • Troubleshoot common post-implementation challenges
  • Quick reference guide to common IDoc transaction codes and reports