Unleash your creativity and create impressive presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2021!

Unleash your creativity and create impressive presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2021!

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Master Microsoft PowerPoint 2021 the Easy Way

In this brand-new course, PowerPoint 2021, students will learn how to create contemporary, visually stunning, and creative PowerPoint presentations from scratch. It’s the perfect antidote to ‘Death by PowerPoint’ syndrome!

Starting with the basics, we build a strong foundation from which to learn intermediate and advanced skills as we progress through the course. Students will take part in a slide workshop, where they get to create slides from scratch, building knowledge as they go.

We will explore all the PowerPoint functionalities that everyone knows and loves: slide layouts, master slides, animation, transitions, shapes, images, and text.

We will cover the new functionalities in PowerPoint 2021: the eyedropper, slide zoom, summary zoom, the morph transition, and advanced morph as we learn advanced skills for working with imagery and shapes.

Students will also learn how to create their own diagrams, charts, and tables and work more efficiently using keyboard shortcuts.

This course is designed to invite students to think about PowerPoint differently and encourage them to unleash their creativity to create dynamic, modern slide decks.

PowerPoint 2021 is for students of all levels. We start with the basics and work through intermediate and advanced skills.  

In this course, students will learn how to:

  • Create visually stunning presentations that meet best practice guidelines
  • Find free, high-quality resources like images, icons, fonts, and videos
  • Improve efficiency with keyboard shortcuts and the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Open, close, and save presentations
  • Work with PowerPoint templates
  • Apply slide layouts to new or existing slides
  • Duplicate, arrange, copy, and paste slides and objects
  • Work with images, icons, video, text, shapes, and audio files
  • Correctly select, align, and group objects on a slide
  • Work with animations, transitions, and motion paths
  • Create summary pages using slide and summary zoom
  • Insert and edit charts, diagrams, and tables
  • Insert hyperlinks to other slides, external websites, and mail addresses
  • Create motion video backgrounds
  • Insert screenshots and record/narrate presentations
  • Work with the Slide Master to make universal changes
  • Incorporate third-party add-ins into PowerPoint
  • Prepare a presentation for delivery by adding speaker notes, header and footer, and comments
  • Set up a custom slide show and rehearse timings
  • Use Presenter View to deliver a presentation
  • Export, share, and print a presentation.