The SAP Material Master in SAP S/4HANA – a Practical Guide (3rd edition)

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The SAP Material Master in SAP S/4HANA – a Practical Guide (3rd edition)

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  • By
  • Matthew Johnson,
  • Jawad Akhtar

279 Pages, 3. Edition , ISBN: 9783960122579

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Delve into this updated best-selling guide on SAP Material Master! Updated to cover key updates to the SAP Material Master in SAP S/4HANA, this guide walks through basic concepts on how to tailor the SAP Material Master to your production environment, as well as learn detailed information on material master settings and their impacts. This book provides the opportunity for readers to better understand their unique environments and how to make the SAP Material Master work for them. This guide provides best practices for how to approach common scenarios, and offers cost-saving tips. Find out why planning is the most important (and often overlooked) aspect of understanding the SAP Material Master. Review how material master settings impact FI/CO and other SAP modules. This third edition incorporates feedback from readers, and includes solution updates, new information on advanced planning views, extended service parts planning views, and the SAP Fiori app for Material Master. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the authors bring readers up to speed on best practices for optimal use of the SAP Material Master.

  • Fundamental SAP Material Master concepts
  • How settings impact other modules in SAP
  • Cost-effective procurement and planning techniques  
  • Inventory and quality management best practices