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Tableau Desktop Advanced

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Tableau Masterclass: Advanced Tableau Desktop Training

Take your Tableau skills to the next level with this advanced course and make the most of this data visualization tool.

In this Tableau masterclass, you can build expert-level skills that will advance your data analysis career.

This course introduces advanced topics in Tableau. We’ll kick things off with a section on parameters and then learn about Level of Detail (LOD) expressions, sets, spatial functions, advanced filters, and table calculations.

Move at your own pace as you learn how to animate your visualizations and build Sankey diagrams, geospatial charts, sunburst charts, and circular charts, among others, to create sophisticated visual data presentations. From there, we’ll show you how to use charts to create your own dashboards.

The last chapter of this course consists of five exercises that run through everything from building dashboards with animated visualization and LOD expressions, building circular calendar charts, bump charts, and area charts, and finally building a Sankey diagram that will highlight actions.

This advanced course is designed for those who already have a good foundation in Tableau, we recommend taking our Tableau beginner course before taking this class.

This is a video-led training course suitable for Windows or Mac users. Please note that the course features only Tableau Desktop.

This course covers:

  • Parameters and sample use cases
  • A focus on Level of Detail (LOD) expressions
  • Using spatial functions
  • Advanced filters
  • Table calculations
  • Adding interactivity using actions
  • Animating your visualizations
  • Advanced Tableau charts—circular, sunburst, bump, funnel, candlestick, and Sankey charts
  • Building geospatial dashboards and sales dashboards
  • Creating dashboards that utilize radial charts.