SAP S/4HANA Product Cost Planning – Costing with Quantity Structure

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SAP S/4HANA Product Cost Planning – Costing with Quantity Structure

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  • By
  • Tom King

245 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960125358

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Take a tour of the many detailed features of costing with quantity structure in SAP Product Cost Planning (CO-PC-PCP). Take an in-depth look at how Bill of Materials (BOMs), routes, and recipes are used to allocate manufacturing costs to products. Learn about the different types of special procurement keys and how each one is used in cost estimates. Review different methods of including additional costs in the cost estimates, such as overhead costing sheets, templates, and additive cost estimates. Receive an introduction to SAP variant configuration and how costs are applied to material variants. See how co-products and by-products are used in manufacturing and how they affect material cost estimates. Explore costing runs and how they can be used to make your job easier. Get an overview of the various costing reports and how they can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the product costs. Take a look at the product costing tables which can be used to create custom reports and database queries.

  • Explore how different costing variants can be used as analytical tools
  • Review different manufacturing scenarios and how product costing applies to them
  • Gain further insights into configuring your product costing implementation
  • Find out about the latest enhancements to product costing in SAP S4HANA