SAP HANA Advanced Modeling

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SAP HANA Advanced Modeling

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  • By
  • Dr. Stefan Hartmann,
  • Dominique Alfermann,
  • Benedikt Engel

299 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783945170960

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299 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9783945170960

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This book introduces developers and architects to the methods and options for implementing smart SAP HANA solutions based on real-world projects, and field tests. It contains clear recommendations for setting up data models, optimizing performance, using the SAP HANA modeler and development perspectives, and for solving complex requirements efficiently. Using a case study to walk through SAP HANA design elements and options, the authors share practical examples, tips, and screenshots for explaining and demonstrating the intricacies of SAP HANA. This book provides SAP HANA design patterns with the best balance between performance, memory consumption, and maintainability. Learn how to leverage advanced modeling techniques for implementing a sustainable architecture and for solving further business problems.

  • Data modeling guidelines and common test approaches  
  • Information view performance optimization  
  • Modular solutions to complex requirements  
  • Best practices and recommendations