SAP ERP User Guide – Tips to Increase Productivity

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SAP ERP User Guide – Tips to Increase Productivity

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  • By
  • Sydnie McConnell

148 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960125921

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This SAP user guide will help you to work with SAP ERP more efficiently and effectively. You will learn about the various options and shortcuts available for navigating in SAP ERP. Walk through how to configure and optimize your user interface. Dive into SAP ERP productivity accelerators such as screen layouts, keyboard shortcuts, menus, and transaction codes. Learn how to leverage variants to personalize a version of a report. Find out what your options are for downloading and exporting reports for offline analysis and distribution. Explore tips for SAP ERP integration and obtain expert advice for finding and navigating between related documents and master data. Get tips for setting default values for frequently used transactions. Obtain an introduction to how to view and process jobs, schedule and monitor background jobs, and access and view your print spools. By using practical examples and screen-shots, the author brings readers quickly up to speed to get the most out of their SAP system.

  • Navigate in SAP ERP efficiently and effectively
  • Configure your user interface
  • Streamline frequently used transactions
  • Quick reference guides to menu bars, commands, and shortcuts