SAP BW Performance Optimization

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SAP BW Performance Optimization

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  • By
  • Shreekant Shiralkar,
  • Deepak Sawant

284 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9781508818557

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284 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9781508818557

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Optimal SAP Business Warehouse reporting performance requires regular monitoring and identification of a potential performance issues. In this book, you will learn the most important processes and tools that help identify bottlenecks and solutions to solve them. Dive into the fundamental aspects of data modeling to efficient ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) This book will quickly enable SAP BW professionals to apply the techniques covered in this book to improve performance with hands-on advice and screenshots.

This complete guide to SAP BW performance optimization covers:

  • Quick gains in performance
  • Practical applications
  • Comprehensive coverage on performance optimization
  • Leveraging tools and utilities from ETL to reporting processes