Leveraging SAP GRC in the Fight Against Corruption and Fraud

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Leveraging SAP GRC in the Fight Against Corruption and Fraud

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  • By
  • Maxim Chuprunov

225 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960126607

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In many companies, GRC is predominantly used to help ensure the correctness of external financial reporting. This book shows you how you can also use GRC components to detect and prevent corruption and fraud. Walk through an overview on the solutions available in the SAP GRC Suite, as well as the new SAP applications for Assurance and Compliance. You will learn how to benefit from SAP HANA in Big Data scenarios and obtain guidelines on how to set up detection scenarios in SAP Fraud Management.

The author expertly shows readers that the key to a successful GRC initiative does not lie in the features and functions of a specific software product. Understand the drivers for efficiency and the multi-layered added value of automating. In addition, you will learn the basics to provide a tool-independent foundation for the automation of a group-wide anti-corruption initiative.

  • Risk management and internal control systems
  • Design and implement an anti-corruption initiative
  • Automated drivers and added value GRC
  • Detection scenarios using SAP Fraud Management and SAP HANA