First Steps in SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD)

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First Steps in SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD)

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  • By
  • John von Aspen

155 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960128595

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This book offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP S/4HANA Sales and Distribution (SD). You will learn the basic fundamentals of SAP SD, with examples based on a case-study approach. Using a fictional company scenario, you will learn the fundamentals of the order-to-cash process and key flow, from sales order delivery to billing document. Explore the foundational document–the sales order. Obtain detailed information on master data and how it is used in SD. Dive into master data objects, business partners, and material masters. Review how master data is connected to sales orders and pricing. Understand sales order processing, including item categories, availability checking, dates, shipping, texts, and more. Walk through delivery processing and billing. Familiarize yourself with two of the major SD pre-sales documents – contracts and quotations. Delve into the post-sales processes, including returns, service, and debit and credit memos. Look at transactional list reports and analytical reports. For readers who are new to SAP SD in S/4HANA, the detailed case study, practical examples, tips and screenshots quickly bring readers up to speed on the fundamentals.

  • Foundations of SAP SD in S/4HANA 
  • Sales orders and document types 
  • Master data objects, business partners and material masters 
  • Examples and screenshots based on a case-study approach