Electronic Bank Statement and Lockbox in SAP ERP

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Electronic Bank Statement and Lockbox in SAP ERP

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  • By
  • Claus Wild,
  • Lennart Ullmann

209 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9781503016590

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209 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9781503016590

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This book provides guidance and examples to help you optimize your daily processing of the electronic bank statement component in SAP. In addition to covering electronic bank statement basics in SAP, you will get tips and tricks for post-processing bank statements and integrating payment advices. You will learn more about advanced features and get tips on how to use search patterns.

In this book, we will also provide an overview of the cash application as part of the order-to-cash process, including lockbox, dispute management and collections management. We will go into detail on lockbox functionality, including the posting process and configuration. Familiarize yourself with lockbox file record formats and learn more about the importance of customer master records in the lockbox process.

  • Processing the Electronic Bank Statement in SAP for advanced users
  • Integrating payment advices as of SAP EhP 5
  • New functionality for post-processing as of SAP EhP 6
  • Lockbox process overview and configuration