Demand-Driven Replenishment in SAP Purchasing (MM)

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Demand-Driven Replenishment in SAP Purchasing (MM)

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  • By
  • Ingo Licha

155 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960121077

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155 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9783960121077

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If goods and services are not available in sufficient quantity, this can stop production and have a corresponding negative impact on sales. However, high warehouse stocks also tie up capital and cause costs. This book on consumption-based material requirements planning (MRP) will help you to manage this conflict of interests. Despite materials required having different procurement lead times and specific storage properties, you can and must be able to respond to individual requirements. Using processes and examples from practice, you will learn how the consumption-based MRP procedures in SAP MM can support you in these tasks. This book is aimed at both beginners in the topic, as well as key users who want to familiarize themselves with basic customizing settings.

  • Reorder point planning, stochastic and time-phased MRP
  • Material master data, including lot sizes and how to calculate them
  • Planning, planning process, stock/requirements lists (transaction MD04), and forecasts
  • Customizing of the basic settings and processes