Access Risk Management in SAP

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Access Risk Management in SAP

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  • By
  • Adam Edwards,
  • Bianca Folkerts,
  • Tobias Sieg

179 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960122029

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Do you need expert guidance on how to plan, implement, and run access analyses? This book takes a practical approach to creating customer-specific SAP rulesets for compliance managers, GRC teams, identity and access management teams, as well as administrators who run these systems. Identify types of risk and the tools available. Take a look at use cases and tools for risk maintenance and explore how to optimize processes, the quality of authorization roles and concepts, the transparency of access rights to data, and functions for data and process owners. Explore key considerations for evaluating a tool for hosting and using a risk catalog. Take a look at the limitations of standard access risk catalogs and learn more about a methodology for customizing a standard risk catalog. Find out why the authors recommend starting with a small access risk catalog before moving on to more complex landscapes. Take away best practices for bringing end users up to speed.

  • Considerations for hosting and using a risk catalog
  • Limitations of standard access risk catalogs
  • Methodology for customizing standard access risk catalogs
  • Risk handling process