Business Intelligence with SAP BI Edge

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Business Intelligence with SAP BI Edge

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  • By
  • Wolfgang Niefert

152 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960126126

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152 Pages, 1. Edition

ISBN: 9783960126126

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SAP BI Edge is a powerful business intelligence (BI) solution for midsize companies. This book offers a comprehensive overview of what to expect and where you should start building your reporting framework. You’ll get detailed information on reporting tools, like Information Designer, Universe Designer, BI Launchpad, Crystal Reports, and Dashboards (formerly XCelsius). Get tips for creating an InfoSet strategy and leverage it to run reports. Learn how to use the Information Design Tool (IDT) to design data models and layer your data to create universes. Identify the common queries you will need to get started and walk through how to publish SAP reporting data in a web format and create practical management dashboards. By using practical examples, tips, screenshots, and a case study the author brings readers new to SAP BI Edge up to speed on the fundamentals.

  • Installation and setup tips for SAP BI Edge with SAP ERP
  • Query and reporting tools best practices
  • How to build a dynamic SAP ERP data model based on your configuration
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create a SAP BI universe