Beginner`s Guide to SAP Security and Authorizations

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Beginner`s Guide to SAP Security and Authorizations

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  • By
  • Tracy Juran

104 Pages, 1. Edition

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104 Pages, 1. Edition


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SAP has a wide range of built-in functionality to meet various security requirements, including network protection, data protection, and SAP authorizations. This book will focus on the application of SAP authorizations and how user access can be limited by transaction codes, organizational levels, field values, etc. Explore the basic architecture of SAP Security and Authorizations, including user master records, roles, profiles, authorization object classes, authorization objects, and authorization fields. Dive into how to create user profiles and assign roles. Get tips on leveraging the profile generator transaction, PFCG. Obtain valuable tools and tables for identifying user master records and role and authorization information. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers new to SAP Security and Authorizations up to speed…

  • Basic architecture of SAP Security and Authorizations
  • GRC Access Control introduction
  • User profile creation and role assignments
  • Common security and authorization pain point troubleshooting