A Practical Guide to the SAP Cloud Connector

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A Practical Guide to the SAP Cloud Connector

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  • By
  • Marco Verhoef

171 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783945170953

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This practical guide explores the architecture and daily use of SAP Cloud Connector. Examine key roles and activities for SAP Basis consultants, developers, and operators. For Basis consultants: receive instruction on installation and configuration. Troubleshoot challenging configuration tasks for cloud and on-premise systems and walk through upgrades and API configuration. For developers: discover how to set up connections to on-premise systems and the SAP Cloud Platform, for example, when building an interface or an application. Learn about available protocols, how to set up mail connections, and how to work with multiple subaccounts and different Cloud connectors. For operators: review day-to-day tasks to ensure high-quality delivery of businesscritical messages. Learn how to best set up alerts and tackle hourly and daily
monitoring. Receive expert guidance on logging, tracking, and tracing. Walk through a detailed example of a purchase order interface.

  • Foundations of SAP Cloud Connector
  • Basis activities including installation and configuration
  • Developer activities including connection instructions
  • Detailed inbound RFC example