A Practical Guide to Cybersecurity in SAP

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A Practical Guide to Cybersecurity in SAP

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  • By
  • Julie Hallett

151 Pages, 1. Edition , ISBN: 9783960129578

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SAP environments are internally integrated with, and through, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. This interconnection, both within and external to the firewall, creates a level of vulnerability that, if exploited, could compromise a company’s intellectual property, employee and supplier information, and trade secrets. This book breaks down the application of cybersecurity, as it applies to SAP, into actionable items that can be communicated and implemented into existing security frameworks. You will understand why cybersecurity applies to SAP, how it integrates with cybersecurity Initiatives within an organization, and how to implement a security framework within SAP. This expertly written guide provides a targeted cybersecurity education for SAP managers, architects, and security practitioners. The author explores the technical aspects of implementing cybersecurity policies and procedures using existing tools and available SAP modules. Readers will gain a solid understanding of what a cybersecurity program does, what security frameworks are used for, how to assess and understand risk, and how to apply mitigating controls. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, this book covers:

  • Cyber risk in the SAP landscape
  • How to harden security
  • Cybersecurity risk management programs in SA
  • Risk mitigation for threats