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Are you an SAP expert looking to build your personal brand and grow your digital SAP business?

Look no further than Espresso Tutorials. We offer a number of unique opportunities for you to share your expertise with thousands of SAP users around the world.

Tap into our existing platform and extensive marketing reach by writing a book or creating a set of video tutorials for the SAP Library Platform.

Many leading SAP experts choose to work with Espresso Tutorials to grow their digital SAP business. Some of their reasons include:

  • We are recognized for short, concise books on SAP topics, as well as effective video tutorials.
  • We offer our authors access to a SAP S/4HANA system to use during the course of their project.
  • We know that you have a day job and are flexible in working with you on project deadlines.
  • We offer a full range of professional services including content editing, spell checking, layout, video production, and marketing and sales.

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The Culinary World of Espresso Tutorials

Did you know that Espresso Tutorials published a cookbook? A very special SAP cookbook with recipes submitted by our team and authors around the globe. Our team worked on this project during 2022 and it reflects a mix of wonderful people spread across multiple continents and countries in the world united as the Espresso Tutorials team. The recipes are a hymn to this diversity, garnished with interesting, amazing, and funny stories about their origin. Enjoy the surprises that await you on the journey!

Help us fight hunger in the world! 50% of the sales price will be used to cover printing and shipping. We will donate the remainder to the World Food Program to support its global fight against hunger.

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Spring 2023 SAP Event Schedule

Espresso Tutorials has an exciting lineup of SAP virtual events this spring. Keep up to speed on your SAP education and reserve your place today! All events are free of charge.

March 21: SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) 

March 22: SAP S/4HANA: How to Power Better Process Efficiency with Automation

April 27: Journey to SAP S/4HANA 

April 28: SAP S/4HANA Finance and Controlling

Register now!

SAP Learning Platform free 4-week trial for companies

Are you looking for SAP training opportunities for your team?

Inexpensive, practical and individually-tailored?

Then give a try – the digital SAP Learning Platform offers three types of learning content, flexible learning times, and guided learning content. 

  • Choose 4 weeks – you decide when
  • Tell us who should test – no matter how many
  • Pay nothing – the trial is free and ends automatically

Do you have questions? Schedule a call with me.

  • More than 700 eBooks and videos by SAP experts for beginners, users, and experts
  • Build topic-centric knowledge with learning paths
  • Intelligent search algorithm

  • Interactive video tutorials

  • Access via browser or app

New video tutorials – SAP ABAP Essentials

Exciting news for SAP ABAP enthusiasts! A new set of video tutorials, “SAP ABAP Essentials,” is now available on the Espresso Tutorial SAP Learning Platform, brought to you by industry experts Paul Bakker, Rick Bakker, and Daniel Beattie.

The tutorial set provides comprehensive coverage of SAP ABAP programming, with a focus on the essentials of the language and its applications. Whether you’re new to SAP ABAP or have been working with it for years, you’ll find the tutorials to be a valuable resource for enhancing your skills and knowledge.

The video tutorials are easy to follow and are designed to cater to both beginner and advanced level SAP ABAP developers. They cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of SAP ABAP syntax to more advanced concepts like object-oriented programming and advanced database programming.

With the help of expert instructors Paul Bakker, Rick Bakker, and Daniel Beattie, you’ll learn how to write robust SAP ABAP code and understand the key principles and techniques for SAP ABAP development.

If you’re looking to enhance your SAP ABAP skills, the “SAP ABAP Essentials” is a must-have resource. Get your hands on this comprehensive set of tutorials today and take your SAP ABAP development skills to the next level!

Start learning now at

New book alert – Practical Guide to SAP S/4HANA Profit Center Accounting – 2nd Edition

Announcing our latest book release – Practical Guide to SAP S/4HANA Profit Center Accounting – 2nd edition by John Pringle.

Espresso Tutorials GmbH

This updated 2nd edition offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP ERP Profit Center Accounting (PCA) for both classic general ledger (GL) and the new GL. Review the differences between ECC and SAP S/4HANA and user interface changes with Fiori. Get the tools you need to set profitability targets for business (planning) and then compare actual results against those targets to improve overall profitability. Solidify your understanding of the difference between PCA and SAP Controlling Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) views. Gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts, objects, and functionality available in PCA in SAP ERP, including the relevant master data set-up, actual data flows, planning scenarios, and reporting options. Clarify the differences between PCA and Margin Analysis and understand when it is best to use each. Dive into profit center transfer pricing and obtain detailed configuration and set-up steps required for activation. Learn more about the new APP Manage Profit Center Group. Explore planning options in SAP S/4HANA, including ACDOCP universal planning table. Take a closer look at on-premise reporting options for profit centers in SAP S/4HANA, including APPS and CDS views available in the Query browser. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers up to speed on SAP Profit Center Accounting. 

  • Fundamentals of SAP Profit Center Accounting (PCA)
  • Concepts, master data, actual data flow, and planning basics
  • Differences between PCA in classic and new GL
  • Reporting for Profit Center Accounting (PCA)

Start reading now!

Author John Pringle is the SAP FICO Competency Group Lead with Illumiti, a platinum SAP Partner and a leading SAP systems integration and management consulting company based in Toronto, Canada. He is the product owner for the SAP all-in-one Mining Solution, one of Illumiti’s all-in-one SAP solutions. John has been working in SAP consulting for over 20 years and has previously worked for PwC, IBM and Accenture. He has implemented SAP solutions in a number of industries including mining, automotive, food processing, semi-conductor manufacturing, and industrial and building products. He is SAP certified in CO and is experienced in implementing most areas within SAP FICO as well as areas in PS, MM, SD and PP. Prior to his consulting career John worked in a variety of business and accounting roles for over 10 years and has also been part of the client team in several large system implementations giving him a unique perspective on the issues faced by both consultants and the business. John has an MBA in Finance and International Business from Schulich School of Business in Toronto and is a CMA and CPA.

Register Now: Make an Impact Across Your SAP® Landscape February 7, 2023

We are pleased to announce our first virtual event of 2023 in collaboration with Precisely. Join us February 7, 2023 to learn best practices for automating SAP processes. The event is free of charge for participants.

Register now!

Session include:

  • Streamlining Your SAP S/4HANA Migration: Expert Tips and Best Practices
  • SAP S/4HANA: How to Power Better Process Efficiency with Automation
  • How to Streamline Complex, Data-Intensive SAP Materials and Product Data Processes to Improve Business Results
  • 10 Ways Microsoft Excel Can Speed Up your SAP Processes and Improve Data Quality

Sessions will be presented by Andrew Hayden. Andrew is a senior product marketing manager at Precisely, overseeing programs for Precisely’s Automate portfolio of SAP automation solutions. Mr. Hayden spent over 25 years in marketing, consulting and entrepreneurial roles working for himself and others. During his career he has managed marketing programs and departments for some of the largest companies in the world including IBM, SAS institute, Siemens and Coca-Cola, as well as overseeing marketing for Nortel Global Services group. In addition, he has held senior marketing positions for multiple startup companies and consulted with other early-stage technology startups.

Fall 2022 SAP Virtual Event Schedule

Espresso Tutorials has an exciting lineup of SAP virtual events this fall. Keep up to speed on your SAP education and reserve your place today! All events are free of charge.

September 28, 2022: SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

November 4, 2022: Conoce a los autores

November 8, 2022: SAP S/4HANA Finance and Controlling

December 8, 2022: Journey to SAP S/4HANA

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Can Audio Courses Unlock New Time for Learning?

Guest post by Assemble You.

Think back over the week just gone. It was probably hectic, and you may feel like you didn’t have a minute to spare. Think about how valuable (or not!) these moments would have felt for you:

Think back over the week just gone. It was probably hectic, and you may feel like you didn’t have a minute to spare. Think about how valuable (or not!) these moments would have felt for you:

  • Waiting in a queue for your morning coffee
  • Sitting in traffic
  • Eating lunch at your desk between calls
  • Waiting for a friend who was 20 minutes late for the drinks you’d planned
  • Walking your dog after a busy day

Your initial response to these situations might be frustration rather than enthusiasm. In these scenarios, you might tally up the wasted time and resign yourself to mindlessly scrolling instead of prioritising productivity. You might label the experiences as pointless.

Maybe you haven’t yet identified which part of your day could be the most valuable for learning.

Did you have headphones to hand when you were last out and about? Could the above scenarios all be moments of opportunity, especially if you’re listening to content on the go? Could audio courses unlock new time for learning? Research indicates that there are numerous meaningful chances for productivity, and various ideal times for learning, in your day-to-day life, as we’ll explore in this article.

Brief is Best

Picture using 10 minutes each day for meaningful learning. Imagine making the most of the time you previously saw as wasted. Without making significant changes, you’ve got more available time than ever before. Plus, learning doesn’t have to be a laborious, time-consuming commitment to be beneficial, especially if you’re listening while doing other productive tasks.

A trial by the University of Surrey Business School in collaboration with Paul Kelley, former President of Education for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, revealed the benefits of learning in short bursts. According to HR Dive’s analysis, students retained more information and scored higher on tests when they absorbed knowledge in this way.

Daily Routine

In this article for Medium, Edwin Abl highlights the importance of embedding learning into your daily routine. And with podcast-style courses to listen to when you’re going about your everyday life, you can certainly “design habits so they fit around your lifestyle”. Abl encourages us to “use whatever tool, medium or process fits the most simplistic use-case”. Learning can be placed in the flow of life; it doesn’t have to be separate from it. It certainly doesn’t have to be in opposition to it. In this HBR article, the authors explore making learning part of your daily routine and highlight the importance of investing in your ability to learn on a daily basis. They especially focus on developing new habits and experimenting with different opportunities to learn.

Audio learning could be just this: an experiment embedded as a daily habit whilst we’re running, commuting or gardening. Munish Kohli says exactly this here and explains how commuting especially can be a powerful learning opportunity. Department for Transport statistics show that in 2020 people made 739 trips on average across private and public transport in England. And even if you’re not commuting, you’re most certainly driving to the supermarket, dropping your children off at school, or visiting friends.

The Key to Learning

There is huge value in content being easily digestible to ensure key ideas remain in our longer-term memories. This article explores the power of micro-learning experiences and this is inextricably linked to how ”hand-held technology has launched a new phenomenon: learning on the go”, as another article highlights. The former concludes that more knowledge is retained when information is delivered in smaller chunks. Learners agreed they were more likely to remember ideas if a lesson covered a clear core concept and knowledge was presented in a shorter format.

So we have the theory, but what about the reality? You’re busy, you’re often on the move, and you don’t feel like any time is “spare time”. You’re seeking professional development content, but family life is full-on and you can’t face enrolling on a time-consuming training course to complete in an evening. There might be more opportunities for growth than you think. Perhaps it’s time for a rethink. After all, research also shows the benefits of physical activity on cognitive abilities, so wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two? You can keep moving, planning, socialising, working, and seamlessly introduce more learning.


Introducing more learning into your life doesn’t require any radical adjustments, as we’ve seen. If you’re commuting, there’s time. If you do any form of exercise to unwind, enjoy being on the move, or love relaxing at home, there’s time. The time has always been there, but you might not have always capitalised on it.

Waiting, sitting or walking can also mean listening if you have the right resources. Assemble You training is now available through Espresso Tutorials, and all courses prioritise flexibility. With audio learning, you don’t need to make time to listen. The time already exists; it’s just a case of realising it’s there and identifying its value.

Welcome to Espresso Tutorials 2.0

Welcome to Espresso Tutorials 2.0! has a new design, the performance has been improved, and many useful features have been added. We appreciate all of the feedback from our subscribers that contributed to the new release. 

Keep reading for an overview highlighting the changes. For an overview of all of the features click here

Intelligent Search

With our intelligent search, you can quickly find the product you are looking for. The new search algorithm provides you with personalized results and is reliable even if you make a make a typo. 

Highlights and Notes

Using our innovative eReader, you can highlight text passages and save them with your notes to use. Notes can also be saved for videos.

Personalized eReader

Customize the output in our eReader according to your preferences by selecting the preferred color, font size, and font type. You can also enlarge all images and highlight text. 

References Made Easy

A useful function for references and citations using APA, Harvard, or IEEE. You can choose between citing text passages (ebook), or book pages or titles (pdf mode).   

Quick Search in A Book

Search an open ebook quickly and easily by entering any term. Then, click on the listed results. You will automatically jump to the desired place in the book. 

Journey to S/4HANA Event Announcement: June 22

We are pleased to announce our Journey to SAP S/4HANA virtual event June 22, 2022. Register now for a full day of sessions presented by leading experts on technical and product changes in SAP S/4HANA.

Sessions include:

  • 5 Keys to Success for SAP S/4HANA Rollouts – Aušra Gustainienė & Damian Jordan, NECESSIS
  • Empower your business to automate Master Data and Transactional Processes in S/4HANA – Justin Thomas, Precisely
  • Moving to SAP S/4HANA – How much should you change? – Janet Salmon, SAP SE
  • SAP Business Technology Platform: Expend Less, Expand More – Nithyasree Balasubramanian, Deloitte
  • Why SAP Automation is Crucial When Adopting SAP S/4HANA – David Lees, Basis Technologies
  • Key Steps for a successful Migration from ECC to SAP S/4HANA – Paul Ovigele, ERPfixers
  • System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA – Dr. Boris Rubarth, SAP SE
  • CDS Views in S/4HANA Analytics – Making Friends – Dmitry Kuznetsov, Independent Consultant
  • Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA – John Pringle, Illumiti

View the full agenda and register now.

Thank you to our event sponsors Precisely and Basis.

Basis Technologies

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) Virtual Event Announcement

We are pleased to announce our SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) Virtual event March 23, 2022. Register now for a full day of sessions presented by leading experts on key topics in SAP GTS 11.0 and SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA.

Sessions include:

  • SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA – What’s new?
  • SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA – Solution Demo
  • Case Study: How Tremco navigated the impact on SAP GTS, of an S/4 migration as well as global roll out
  • Critical Value – Understanding the key role of International Trade Content in powering SAP GTS
  • SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA Roadmap
  • How effectively managing SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) can enable smooth end-to-end supply chain processes
  • Self filing vs. broker filing – what is the best option for your company?

View the full agenda and register now.