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Don’t miss Journey to SAP S/4HANA September 19, 2023. This free virtual event will cover key technical and product changes in SAP S/4HANA. Session highlights include:

  • System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA – Boris Rubarth, SAP SE
  • Moving to SAP S/4HANA – How much should you change? – Janet Salmon, SAP SE
  • SAP Asset Manager: Prescriptive Statistics and Predictive Analytics – Nithyasree Balasubramanian
  • Introduction to SAP EWM-MFS – Dominik Tylczynski, VESLOG
  • SAP Build: Democratization of Extensibility – Nithyasree Balasubramanian
  • New SAP S/4HANA Functionality in the Universal Journal – Paul Ovigele, ERPfixers

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New 2nd Edition – Practical Guide to SAP GTS

Don’t miss our newest publication – Practical Guide to SAP GTS Part 1: SPL Screening and Compliance Management by Kevin Riddell, Rajen Iyer, and Mouli Venkataraman.

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SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps companies maximize supply chain performance and reduces the overall cost and risk of global trade by ensuring regulatory compliance, accelerating trade activity, and enabling trade compliance automation. This updated 2nd edition to Practical Guide to SAP GTS helps the user navigate the system, while offering compliance insight to maximize their return on investment. Dive into difficult-to-navigate menus and review available functionality. Using screenshots and detailed instructions, readers will obtain best practices for meeting and exceeding compliance standards. Includes suggested audit plans to sustain long term compliance. The book is current to version SAP GTS for HANA GTS e4H and explores GTS Version for HANA and its new features in detail. In addition, includes information on the new Fiori-based Apps and UX developments, new features, and process improvements. This book covers:

  • Tips and tricks for leveraging SAP GTS to automate trade compliance
  • Overview of regulatory requirements and compliance suggestions
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of business processes
  • Review of SAP GTS for HANA GTS e4H with screenshots

New French-language release: Le débogueur SAP pour développeurs et fonctionnels

Espresso Tutorials is very pleased to announce our latest French-language book release Le débogueur SAP pour développeurs et fonctionnels by Nicolas Pontier. Keep reading to learn more. 

Comprendre un projet SAP implique bien évidemment de comprendre les flux métiers qui composent le scope de ce projet, mais aussi toute la partie tech- nique déjà en place ou à réaliser afin de saisir au mieux les besoins du client. Très vite, nous pouvons être confrontés à une problématique : le code ABAP qui, dans certains cas, peut être très complexe à appréhender. L’avantage d’un système SAP est qu’il est pourvu d’un débogueur très complet et performant. Ainsi, de nombreux fonctionnels et développeurs l’utilisent régulièrement afin de résoudre des problèmes plus ou moins difficiles. Cependant il n’existe pas de réelles aides de cet outil sur SAP et il est très rare d’avoir un guide expliquant ses différentes fonctionnalités. Grâce à ce livre, il est désormais possible de tenir tous les tenants et aboutissants du débogueur SAP. Ouvert à tous, il est un bon moyen aux équipes fonctionnelles d’utiliser les fonctions de base du débogueur SAP, et aux équipes de développement, d’approfondir leurs connaissances et d’accélérer leur analyse en ciblant avec précision, l’origine d’un problème ou l’endroit d’une mise à jour à mettre en place. La majorité des (nombreux) outils mis à disposition dans le débogueur SAP est traitée avec des exemples dont le code est à disposition afin que le lecteur puisse suivre et reproduire les exemples sur son système SAP.

  • Aperçu de l’interface du débogueur SAP
  • Explications d’outils spéciaux complexes mais très utiles
  • Revue des principaux outils
  • Exemples pour suivre et reproduire les cas étudiés

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Hot off the presses – Practical Guide to Using Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

Hot off the presses – Practical Guide to Using Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager by Ausra Gustainiene and Domantas Mince. 

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Dive into the world of SAP Solution Manager’s Focused Build application with this essential guide, designed to help you manage development and configuration activities effectively. This book aims to go beyond technical information and setup guides by sharing practical experiences, valuable tips, and insights on what works and what doesn’t. Understand the relationship between Focused Build and SAP Solution Manager, and explore the key features that can enhance your project management experience. Determine if Focused Build is the ideal tool for your projects. Familiarize yourself with Focused Build’s end-to-end processes and the various roles crucial for successful project implementation. Understand how to use Focused Build to document and prioritize requirements, approve implementation scope, and manage the build process with ease. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create work packages, deal efficiently with work items, correct errors, and handle changes in your projects. The key topics covered in this easy-to-follow guide include:

  • Introduction to Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager
  • Key features and benefits of Focused Build
  • End-to-end requirements definition, project scoping, and build management
  • Configuration overview and best practices

New Book Release – Access Risk Management in SAP

Don’t miss our latest release Access Risk Management in SAP by Adam Edwards, Bianca Folkerts, Tobias Sieg.

Do you need expert guidance on how to plan, implement, and run access analyses? This book takes a practical approach to creating customer-specific SAP rulesets for compliance managers, GRC teams, identity and access management teams, as well as administrators who run these systems. Identify types of risk and the tools available. Take a look at use cases and tools for risk maintenance and explore how to optimize processes, the quality of authorization roles and concepts, the transparency of access rights to data, and functions for data and process owners. Explore key considerations for evaluating a tool for hosting and using a risk catalog. Take a look at the limitations of standard access risk catalogs and learn more about a methodology for customizing a standard risk catalog. Find out why the authors recommend starting with a small access risk catalog before moving on to more complex landscapes. Take away best practices for bringing end users up to speed.

  • Considerations for hosting and using a risk catalog
  • Limitations of standard access risk catalogs
  • Methodology for customizing standard access risk catalogs
  • Risk handling process

New video tutorials – Material Requirements Planning in SAP S/4HANA

Don’t miss the newest release on the SAP Library platform – Material Requirements Planning in SAP S/4HANA by Winfried Würzer. This set of video tutorials shows the planning run and its settings. Suitable for those new to the topic, as well for those migrating from SAP ECC, and manufacturing companies, retailers, or service providers. Extended planning in SAP S/4HANA (PP/DS) is not covered, as this requires a separate SAP license. The application functions are demonstrated with SAP GUI and SAP Fiori. In addition, customizing settings are shown in detail.

  • General overview and innovations in SAP S/4HANA
  • Material master and product master
  • Master data customizing (plant parameters and MRP groups, MRP types, lot size procedures, special procurement keys, navigation profiles)
  • Classic planning run  
  • MRP Live  
  • Sourcing  
  • Classic evaluations  
  • Evaluations with Fiori apps  
  • Forecast

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New Release: First Steps in SAP ABAP – 2nd Edition

Learn more about our latest release First Steps in SAP ABAP – 2nd edition by Boris Rubarth.

If you’re looking to master SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), this book is your perfect starting point. Written in a clear and concise style, this guide takes you through the basics of SAP ABAP program- ming, helping you build a strong foundation. Many SAP professionals start their careers as programmers and focus on turning functional specifications into technical specifications and writing code. Learn how to write your own ABAP code step by step and progressively build your own ABAP application. This updated 2nd edition provides you with the tools you need to get started with a job as an SAP ABAP programmer, including new information on ABAP Development Tools (ADT).

  • Step-by-step instructions for beginners
  • Comprehensive descriptions and code examples
  • A guide to creating your first ABAP application
  • Tutorials that provide answers to the most commonly asked programming questions

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Did you know that Espresso Tutorials published a cookbook? A very special SAP cookbook with recipes submitted by our team and authors around the globe. Our team worked on this project during 2022 and it reflects a mix of wonderful people spread across multiple continents and countries in the world united as the Espresso Tutorials team. The recipes are a hymn to this diversity, garnished with interesting, amazing, and funny stories about their origin. Enjoy the surprises that await you on the journey!

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Spring 2023 SAP Event Schedule

Espresso Tutorials has an exciting lineup of SAP virtual events this spring. Keep up to speed on your SAP education and reserve your place today! All events are free of charge.

March 21: SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) 

March 22: SAP S/4HANA: How to Power Better Process Efficiency with Automation

April 27: Journey to SAP S/4HANA 

April 28: SAP S/4HANA Finance and Controlling

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New video tutorials – SAP ABAP Essentials

Exciting news for SAP ABAP enthusiasts! A new set of video tutorials, “SAP ABAP Essentials,” is now available on the Espresso Tutorial SAP Learning Platform, brought to you by industry experts Paul Bakker, Rick Bakker, and Daniel Beattie.

The tutorial set provides comprehensive coverage of SAP ABAP programming, with a focus on the essentials of the language and its applications. Whether you’re new to SAP ABAP or have been working with it for years, you’ll find the tutorials to be a valuable resource for enhancing your skills and knowledge.

The video tutorials are easy to follow and are designed to cater to both beginner and advanced level SAP ABAP developers. They cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of SAP ABAP syntax to more advanced concepts like object-oriented programming and advanced database programming.

With the help of expert instructors Paul Bakker, Rick Bakker, and Daniel Beattie, you’ll learn how to write robust SAP ABAP code and understand the key principles and techniques for SAP ABAP development.

If you’re looking to enhance your SAP ABAP skills, the “SAP ABAP Essentials” is a must-have resource. Get your hands on this comprehensive set of tutorials today and take your SAP ABAP development skills to the next level!

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