Authenticity of ratings

Reviews on our website can only be submitted by customers with a registered user account and only for products that they have actually purchased or accessed from us. The rating function is therefore only activated after a purchase has been made and can only be made via registered via our learning platform


Exclusive manual review: Every incoming rating is manually reviewed and checked by us. We check the content of the rating for logical inconsistencies and other anomalies, among other things.

According to the same standards, we also carry out random checks of individual comments that have not yet been pre-filtered elsewhere.

As soon as an evaluation contains anomalies on the basis of our checking mechanisms, a detailed manual check of the respective individual cases follows.

All evaluations filtered out in this way are subjected to a general plausibility check by our team.

For the plausibility check, we consider the customer’s entire rating behavior and also take a look at the content and metadata (e.g. IP address, device ID, date) of the rating. In doing so, we check whether the acquisition and evaluation of the product are in temporal and spatial relation to each other and whether there are contradictions in the content. In this way, we investigate the question of whether the customer actually used the product.