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How it all started

Espresso Tutorials - Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle

Martin Munzel and Jörg Siebert, experienced SAP consultants and book authors with a passion for SAP technology, found Espresso Tutorials. The idea came about because the market lacked practical, concise SAP books. At the same time, the Kindle reaches Germany - SAP knowledge as an e-book is the logical consequence for the company founders.

Espresso Tutorials - Gedruckte Bücher


Print books

However, demand for e-books remains manageable for the time being. However, the current topic of e-books is causing a strong demand for printed books.

The time for "e-books for SAP software" is not yet ripe.

Espresso Tutorials - E-Book-Flatrate



Around Christmas, company founder Jörg Siebert comes across his daughter's library card for the Heidelberg public library. The idea of also offering Espresso Tutorials as a lending model is born.

Espresso Tutorials - Videos und Firmenzugänge


Videos and company access

In 2015, the first corporate customers ask for an e-book flat rate for their employees: all content for one price, as simply as possible with IP-based access. The first in-house development of a digital SAP Library is launched, initially with a limited budget. E-books are increasingly supplemented by video tutorials.

Espresso Tutorials - Büro in Gleichen


Office in Gleichen

After working completely virtually via email and Skype in the first few years of Espresso Tutorials, the first official office for five workstations with its own warehouse is set up in Gleichen near Göttingen in the summer.

Espresso Tutorials - et.training



The 3rd version and expansion stage of the SAP learning platform et.training is launched. The rental model for books and videos becomes the largest business segment.

The first blended learning courses and virtual conferences are being planned at the same time. Accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, two new business areas will emerge from this as early as the beginning of 2020.

Espresso Tutorials - infoday-io



With infoday.io, our platform for virtual SAP Info Days is being launched during the coronavirus pandemic. With around 15-20 SAP conferences in German, English and Spanish per year, this business area is growing steadily.

Espresso Tutorials - SAP-Lernplattform, Online-Trainings und Lernpfade


SAP learning platform, online training and learning paths

In 2022, our SAP learning platform et.training will receive a major update with the introduction of learning paths for all relevant SAP topic areas, an intelligent search, native reading mode for an optimal on-screen learning experience and the integration of online training.

Espresso Tutorials - Zertifikte, hybride Konferenzen und Forum


Certificates, hybrid conferences and forum

In May 2023, our certificates with multiple-choice tests will be available on the SAP learning platform et.training.

In October, we organized the first hybrid forum for SAP GTS edition for SAP Hana 2023 together with SAP in St. Leon-Rot. The conference with its 200 visitors on site was streamed live in parallel on infoday.io.

Our FiCo Forum, which has existed since 2007, found a new home in November 2023 and can now be accessed at forum.espresso-tutorials.com. We have further expanded the functionality with an automated translation of the content into 4 languages and AI-based answers to questions.

What makes us special

Espresso Tutorials GmbH

SAP training knows no boundaries

Customers and authors of Espresso Tutorials live on all five continents, and we distribute our print books in over 80 countries worldwide. In addition to the main focus on Europe and the USA, we have now also been able to develop Japan as an interesting market.

Expand Your Knowledge in the Digital SAP Library

Espresso Tutorials is the answer to the digitalization of our learning worlds. In 2020, the formerly pure publishing house presents itself as a learning platform for SAP software and related topics. Our trademark: SAP knowledge condensed to the essentials and served up using concrete case studies!

In addition to our print books, you will find a wide range of online training courses: from e-books, video tutorials and blended learning to online conferences.

This concept enables you to learn effectively - you decide the time and place!

Our team

Jörg Siebert - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Jörg Siebert

Co-founder, CEO

Martin Munzel - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Martin Munzel

Co-founder, CEO

Alice Adams - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Alice Adams

Managing Director, North America

Anja Achilles - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Anja Achilles

Sales & Distribution

Philip Esch - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Philip Esch

Graphic design

Ellen Weidele - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Ellen Weidele


Tracey Duffy - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Tracey Duffy

Translation & Editing (English)

Johann-Christian Hanke - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Johann-Christian Hanke

Typesetting, book design & e-book production

Tanja Jahns - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Tanja Jahns


Fabian Bentz - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Fabian Bentz

Software Developer

Jonas Regner - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Jonas Regner

Software Developer

Antje Hennemann - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Antje Hennemann


Lena Zschiesche - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Lena Zschiesche

Event management, Video production

Niklas Scheele - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Niklas Scheele

Student trainee, Video production

Bernhard Edlmann - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Bernhard Edlmann

Editing (German)

Karen Kunz - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Karen Kunz

Content manager

Olesia Donchenko - Espresso Tutorials GmbH

Olesia Donchenko