New SAP Book Release – A Practical Guide to Cybersecurity Governance for SAP

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Alice Adams

Don’t miss our latest book release A Practical Guide to Cybersecurity Governance for SAP by Julie Hallett and Sarah Hallett Reeves.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how to apply cybersecurity principles to SAP software. Management expects that the SAP security team is prepared to implement a full cybersecurity project to integrate SAP software into a new or existing company cybersecurity program. It’s not that simple. This book provides a practical entry point to cybersecurity governance that is easy for an SAP team to understand and use. It breaks the complex subject of SAP cybersecurity governance down into simplified language, accelerating your efforts by drawing direct correlation to the work already done for financial audit compliance. Build a practical framework for creating a cyber risk ruleset in SAP GRC 12.0, including SOX, CMMC, and NIST controls. Learn how to plan a project to implement a cyber framework for your SAP landscape. Explore controls and how to create control statements, plan of action and milestone (POA&M) statements for remediating deficiencies, and how to document con- trols that are not applicable. The best controls in the world will not lead to a successful audit without the evidence to back them up. Learn about evidence management best practices, including evidence requirements, how reviews should be conducted, who should sign off on review evidence, and how this evidence should be retained.

  • Introduction to cybersecurity framework compliance for SAP software
  • SAP-centric deep dive into controls
  • How to create a cyber risk ruleset in SAP GRC
  • Implementing a cyber framework for your SAP landscape

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