Welcome to Espresso Tutorials 2.0

Espresso Tutorials

Alice Adams

Welcome to Espresso Tutorials 2.0! et.training has a new design, the performance has been improved, and many useful features have been added. We appreciate all of the feedback from our subscribers that contributed to the new release. 

Keep reading for an overview highlighting the changes. For an overview of all of the features click here

Intelligent Search

With our intelligent search, you can quickly find the product you are looking for. The new search algorithm provides you with personalized results and is reliable even if you make a make a typo. 

Highlights and Notes

Using our innovative eReader, you can highlight text passages and save them with your notes to use. Notes can also be saved for videos.

Personalized eReader

Customize the output in our eReader according to your preferences by selecting the preferred color, font size, and font type. You can also enlarge all images and highlight text. 

References Made Easy

A useful function for references and citations using APA, Harvard, or IEEE. You can choose between citing text passages (ebook), or book pages or titles (pdf mode).   

Quick Search in A Book

Search an open ebook quickly and easily by entering any term. Then, click on the listed results. You will automatically jump to the desired place in the book.