New Book Announcement – Transportation Charge Management in SAP S/4HANA

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Alice Adams

We are pleased to announce our newest book release – Transportation Charge Management in SAP S/4HANA by Hariharan Subramanian and Rajen Iyer.

Interested in learning the secrets of controlling and reducing transportation costs? This book will expertly guide you through Transportation Charge Management in SAP S/4HANA, highlighting the most important aspects of setting up Charge Management. Learn how to set up agreements/contracts with business partners and provide detailed rate structures. Dive into Charge Management master data, including master data objects, agreements, rate structures, rate tables, dimensions, and determinations. Explore how different types of agreements are set up and how they are linked to the master data objects, as well as key integration points. Learn how to perform strategic freight procurement/strategic freight sales in order to reach the best agreement possible for your organization. Understand how charges are calculated on the various business documents. Take a detailed look at the settings and configuration required to accurately calculate charges. Explore practical examples, including scenarios that you might encounter in your logistics operations. With practical examples, tips, and screenshots, this book covers:

  • Transportation Charge Management processes
  • Charge Management master data
  • Strategic freight procurement and sales
  • Settings and configuration

Author Hariharan Subramanian is a highly experienced consultant with 21 years of experience, primarily in Supply Chain Management. He has spent over a decade working with SAP TM, since the first SAP TM product 6.0 version. He is skilled at end-to-end implementations for SAP Supply Chain Solutions and has worked on many implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies globally. Hari loves to learn new things and is always passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

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Author Rajen Iyer is a co-founder of Krypt, the leading provider of SAP Global Trade and Logistics solutions globally, and Avyay Solutions, a start-up specializing in supply chain human augmentation, data science, and machine learning product start up. Rajen started his career in manufacturing application development and moved to system automation, working on global trade services, and supply chain management applications and implementations, sales and distribution, pricing, and materials management. Rajen is a thought leader with several best-selling books, in-depth articles, and trademarks on innovative trade, supply chains, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain products. His unique vision and continued drive for customer success has led him to become a dynamic leader in the supply chain and global trade fields.