Excerpt from Building Demand-Driven Supply Chains with SAP SNC Responsive Replenishment

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Excerpt from Building Demand-Driven Supply Chains with SAP SNC Responsive Replenishment by Sonal Dhawan.

In the CPG industry, you can take advantage of the following SAP SNC process:

  • Creating a statistical forecast based on shipment histories
  • Developing a collaborative forecast with the customer (e.g., comparing the vendor’s forecast with the customer’s forecast)
  • Disaggregating and adapting daily forecasts based on actual POS data in the customer’s stores or distribution centers, and adjusting histories based on stockout information
  • Promotions planning ranging from fixed replenishment to stores versus dynamic replenishment, which is based on the actual movement of promotions in the stores and adapting accordingly
  • Replenishment based on sophisticated rules to consider past demand, advanced safety stock planning (considering demand and supply variability), and parameters such as whether baseline stock is allowed to be used for promotion, and so on
  • TLB considering ordering constraints and truck loading algorithms, sophisticated route building strategies, and so on

Keep reading in Building Demand-Driven Supply Chains with SAP SNC Responsive Replenishment.

Vendor-managed inventory enables replenishment using real-time demand signals from consumers. Get a bird’s-eye view of Customer Collaboration and dive into industry-specific configuration techniques.  Set up customer messages and forecasting and use consigned and non-consigned inventory in replenishment planning. Dig into background processing with the Planning Service Manager and configure validation checks in your system.

  • Explore demand-driven supply with SAP Supply Network Collaboration
  • Configure vendor-managed inventory in Customer Collaboration
  • Get step-by-step instructions and tips for the CPG and high-tech industries
  • Get guidance on industry-specific configuration

Author Sonal Dhawan is a solution architect specializing in the area of supply chain planning and collaboration.

She has been involved in various end-to-end implementations and rapid prototypes, and has industry expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG), high-tech, life sciences, and automotive domains.

Sonal has led the global SAP SNC community as a topic owner for field services, and has conducted multiple trainings for SAP SNC in India through SAP Education.