New Video Tutorial – SAP BPC Embedded 11 for BW/4HANA

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433Explore our newest video tutorial SAP BPC Embedded 11 for BW4HANA by Lambertus Oosthuizen. Available exclusively in the SAP eBook Library.


This Entry Level to Intermediate SAP BPC 11 Embedded/BI-IP course will help you master many important techniques to start creating sophisticated, integrated planning applications that utilizes the power of SAP Business Intelligence.  Note: I will use BI-IP as short form for SAP BPC Embedded from now on.   
The course is designed so that you can master all the techniques gradually, starting from basic and relatively simple techniques before moving on to the more demanding techniques that Business Intelligence Professionals use to create planning applications for their customers. The course will take you step by step through the process of creating a revenue, sales quantity and price planning model. The course is not just demos and PowerPoint slides, but a practical walk-through on how to create and end-to-end planning application.
From this course you will learn:   
  • Fundamentals of BI-IP
  • The structures involved, such as InfoProviders, Aggregation Levels, Filters, Sequences and more
  • Create all the required objects in BI-IP, tips and tricks and more advanced design considerations
  • Query design for planning applications
  • Basic to advanced planning functions to enhance our application with calculations 
  • Tying the whole planning application together into a BoA workbook

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About Lambertus Oosthuizen
I am a SAP certified CO, BW and BPC consultant. I started implementing SAP FI/CO in version 3.1h and completed more than 20 projects over the last 18 years, usually as the technical or functional lead.
Designing planning applications in SAP has been a specialization of mine ever since my first introduction to BW (SEM BPS, BPC classic and Embedded, BI-IP), especially transferring the complex and onerous planning functions from ERP into a more user friendly, but more sophisticated system.
I hope to use this experience to enable you to design sophisticated, integrated planning applications for your business.