Templates in SAP Product Costing

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262Excerpt from Practical Guide to SAP CO Templates by Tom King.

Templates are made up of rows and columns that are used to calculate allocation quantities.

Each row of a template defines an allocation for cost objects using calculations and characteristics assigned to the columns. Product cost estimates can use templates to generate detailed cost allocations from cost centers and business processes that are much more specific than other standard allocation techniques. In looking at how product cost estimates use templates, we are introduced to the concepts of how rows and columns work together to generate the allocations.

Keep reading in Practical Guide to SAP CO Templates by Tom King.

Unlock the power of templates in SAP Controlling! This book expertly guides readers through the setup and use of CO templates for plan and actual allocations. Walk through cost allocation methods and learn how to leverage templates in Activity Based Costing (CO-ABC) to create complex calculations to generate accurate allocations. Explore how to use product cost estimate templates for detailed cost allocations from cost centers and business processes. Learn how to extend template structures and identify functions that can be added to enhance template capabilities beyond what SAP delivers. Get template configuration guidance. Receive an introduction to applications and environments and identify which transactions enable processing of template allocations.

– Implement and properly use templates
– Scenarios for using templates in SAP Product Costing and Cost Object Controlling
– Template configuration tasks
– Easy cost planning applications

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222Author Tom King is a graduate of Northwestern University and is currently a Senior Business Analyst at Milliken and Company, a US-based manufacturer of textiles, floor coverings, and chemicals. His involvement with SAP systems began in 2007, when Milliken began converting its legacy systems to ECC 6.0. Previously, he helped design and configure the Activity Based Costing implementation in Milliken’s European operations. He has also written an article for Financial Experts and has presented at the ASUG and Controlling conferences.