New Warehouse Management Video Tutorials Available Exclusively in the SAP eBook Library

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Fabian Bentz

Responsive design and web devicesEspresso Tutorials is pleased to announce the addition of two new Warehouse Management video tutorials available exclusively in the SAP eBook Library SAP eBook Library.

Don’t miss two SAP Warehouse Management new video tutorials on Organisation Structure Set up in SAP Warehouse Management and Inbound procurement process in SAP WM.

Organisation Structure Set up in SAP Warehouse Management covers:
– Creation of Warehouse Number
– Connection Setup between IM and WM
– Control Parameters for Warehouse Number
– Number Ranges for Warehouse Objects
– Define Storage Type
– Define Storage Sections
– Interim Storage Type and Bin
– Storage Bin Creation
– Reports for Storage Bin and Material Stock
– Process Run on New Organisation Structure

Inbound procurement process in SAP WM
– WM Views of Material Master
– Storage Bin Creation

+ Inbound Procurement Process Steps
– Master Data and Stock Overview
– Purchase Order Creation
– Goods Receipt Against Purchase Order
– Stock Overview After MIGO
– Transfer Order Creation and Stock Overview
– Confirm Transfer Order and Stock Overview
– IStorage Bin Stock Display

+ Initial Stock Load Process in SAP WM
– Initial Stock Load and Stock Overview
– Confirm Transfer Order (Inital Stock Upload)

+ Inbound Procurement Process with IBD(Inbound Delivery Document)
– Creation of Purchase Order (For IBD)
– Inbound Delivery Creation
– Create Transfer Order (For IBD)
– Confirm Transfer Order
– Goods Receipt Against IBD

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