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1481Excerpt from Practical Guide to SAP OpenUI5 by Prem Manghnani, Sheshank Vyas, Seshu Reddy.

OpenUI5 is a client-side UI technology that runs on a browser using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Server-side, on the other hand, is responsible for deploying applications, holding UI5 libraries and connecting with databases. SAP NetWeaver Application Server, for example, holds UI libraries and makes the libraries available for the client side when receiving a request.

Application development using OpenUI5 is initiated by setting up a development
environment in the front-end PC and a UI5 library installed in the backend. Depending on your requirements, you can implement any one of the following:

  • SAP Web IDE is a well-formulated environment used mainly for
    developing complex applications. It provides support and functionality
    on Fiori and mobile hybrid applications, and has a wide
    range of plugins and templates.
  • Eclipse tools enable you to develop simple applications. Eclipse
    IDE provides setup wizards and plugins for support, which make
    navigation and implementation of code faster.
  • The SAP HANA Studio Developer Edition is available if you are
    looking to develop for SAP HANA.
  • OpenUI5 runtime kit can be installed via
    download.html#stableRelease. Unzip the contents and deploy it
    on a server such as an Apache HTTPD server (
    or refer to the online version of OpenUI5 by typing https://sapui5. in the header sectionof the main HTML file.

 Keep reading in Practical Guide to SAP OpenUI5. 


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP Open UI5. The authors expertly bring readers up to speed on SAP UI5 technology utilizing Java Script, HTML, and CSS, and they explain, step by step, how to transition from traditional systems to handheld and mobile devices.

Learn more about key OpenUI5 concepts including bootstrapping, controls, views, models, and data binding. Review your library options including JavaScript and CSS, and learn how to use them to increase available functionality. Walk through how to install the UI development toolkit library and set up the development environment. Learn how to leverage controls and evaluate when to use native JavaScript or the OpenUI5 library. Dive into SAP Fiori for SAP applications and walk through five key design principles. See practical examples of how to create applications using UI5. By using practical examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers who are new to SAP Open UI5 up to speed on the fundamentals.
– Fundamental OpenUI5 concepts
– How to define controls for an application
– SAP Fiori applications and design principles
– Real-world examples of how to create applications using UI5