New SAP Book Release: Guide to SAP In-House Cash (IHC)

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191Learn more about our latest book release: Guide to SAP In-House Cash (IHC) by Mary Loughran & Lennart B. Ullmann. This book introduces business users, SAP support, and SAP consultants to the SAP In-House Cash (IHC) and In-House Bank (IHB) modules. Learn how to efficiently and effectively optimize payments in SAP. Walk through In-House Cash processes, key configuration, and transaction codes for corporate and shared service centers. Get a list of considerations you need to know before starting an IHC implementation and review required master data. Obtain tips and tricks on how to resolve specific errors and get a list of relevant transaction codes. By using a detailed example scenario, the author expertly brings readers up to speed on the fundamentals of SAP IHC and IHB.

– SAP payment management fundamentals and tools
– In-House Cash and In-House Bank functionality scenarios
– Useful transaction codes and reports
– Tips and tricks for resolving common errors

176Author Mary Loughran has been specializing in the SAP Financials area since 1997 and has worked with numerous clients throughout North America and Europe in the areas of Finance and Treasury. She was employed as a consultant with SAP America and was a designated expert within SAP America for Treasury before she left SAP in 2004. From 2004 to 2017, Mary was an independent consultant. In 2017, Mary returned to SAP America as a Principal Consultant. Mary’s expertise is in the areas of Treasury and Risk Management, In-House Cash, Liquidity Planner, Accounts Payable, payments from SAP in general, Cash Management, and Electronic Banking.

63Author Lennart B. Ullmann has been working in the Cash & Payment management area since 2003. During this time, he has worked as a consultant and project manager on many international SAP Financials projects. He is a specialist in the treasury areas of Payment Management and Bank Communication. Lennart has lived and worked in Germany and in the United States. In his current position, he is the Head of IT Finance for a German DAX company.