Celebrating International Women’s Day at Espresso Tutorials

Espresso Tutorials

Fabian Bentz

about-iwdInternational Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. What better day to celebrate our roster of female authors at Espresso Tutorials? This post is inspired by Jelena Perfiljeva’s LinkedIn post called So You Want to be a Famous Technical Writer? and her encouragement to write something on this topic.

At Espresso Tutorials we have many women authors! Thank you to each of you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with the SAP user community. Thank you:

  • Ann Cacciottoli
  • Tanya Duncan
  • Rosana Fonseca
  • Tracey Juran
  • Kathi Kones
  • Sydnie McConnell
  • Jelena Perfiljeva
  • Janet Salmon
  • Raquel Seville
  • Marjorie Wright

Thinking about writing a book? I encourage you to read Jelena’s post  So You Want to be a Famous Technical Writer?  to learn more about the process.  Also, send an email to alice.adams@espresso-tutorials.com for more information.