SAP eBook Library Frequently Asked Questions

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Woman using her mobile phone , city skyline night lightDo you have questions about the SAP eBook Library? Keep reading to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


(1) How many books and videos can I view with my annual subscription?

With your annual subscription, you can view all content in the SAP eBook library including English, German, French, and Portuguese language materials. Currently, there are more than 160 books and 135 videos. Each new release will be added to the online library automatically. We are currently planning to release approximately 30-40 new titles every year.

(2) How will I get access to the SAP eBook Library?

Immediately following your purchase of the SAP eBook Library, you will receive an email containing your log on information and will be able to access the library within minutes. In the event that you don’t receive an email with your access information, please check your spam folder.

(3) In which formats is media available?

The media (books and videos) are copyrighted material and secured through soft DRM protection. Technically, they consist of individual images which are displayed via browser and HTML5. Access is optimized for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers.

(4) Can I download the ebooks and read them offline?

When accessing the books via web browser, the media are only available online in your library. However, we offer our own app for Android and iOS which allows readers to view content offline. You can download the app via the following links:


(5) May I print the content of the ebooks in my digital online library?

Generally, it is possible and allowed to take screenshot of individual pages. However, there is no option to print complete books.

(6) Is trial access available?

Go to for 7-day free trial access.

(7) May I share access to my digital library with other people?

Each subscription is valid only for one user account and personal access data. It is strictly forbidden to share your access data with other people.

(8) Are there discounts for access for several users or departments?

Yes, we offer a discount based on the number of people for which you require access. For more information, please send an email to

(9) Is it possible for entire companies to access the online library?

Yes, we can provide access to an entire company based on an IP address. Anyone accessing the library from the company network will have access without having to enter a user name and password.

(10) Is it also possible to get test access for a company or university with an IP code?

Yes. Email for additional information.

(11) Is it possible to use the ebooks as resource, or, in other words, do the page numbers match the print books?


(12) What happens with an outdated edition of a book is replaced by a new edition?

The outdated edition will be set technically offline. To provide accurate references for quotes, e.g. for universities, it is possible to reactivate certain outdated editions in a user profile.

Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send an email to

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