Planning and Budgeting (Excerpt from Practical Guide to SAP Internal Orders)

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139 3D-Cover Internal OrdersExcerpt from Practical Guide to SAP® Internal Orders (CO-OM) by Marjorie Wright.

Planning and budgeting are distinct functions in SAP. The features can be used together or can stand alone. Internal orders may have Plan and Budget values. In this chapter, we review both of these optional features.

Basic Planning for Internal Orders
Planning allows a comparison of committed funds against planned values. Planning for an internal order allows analysis of actual/plan/variance in the information system. There are several levels of planning:
– Overall values — here, you can plan at a high level by year or in more detail by unit costing, cost element, and activity input.
– Planner Profile — here, you can assign layouts for very specific planning data entry for two planning areas: Cost and Activity Inputs, and Statistical Key Figures.

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This SAP Controlling (CO) book walks readers through the fundamentals of internal orders in SAP ERP as cost objects, as well as the benefits of period settlement. Dive into master data configuration for creating orders types and status management and learn how to create a master record. Get step-by-step guidance on how to do daily postings in internal orders with and without revenue and learn how to use commitments. Obtain expert advice on period end close, including the settlement profile, allocation structure, source structure, and results analysis. Find out what your SAP reporting options are and learn how to leverage summarization hierarchies in SAP CO. By using practical examples, and SAP screenshots, the author brings business users new to internal orders up to speed on the fundamentals. Experienced SAP users will benefit from the expert tips and configuration requirements.

  • Concepts and daily postings to internal orders
  • Master data configuration
  • Streamlining period-end close activities
  • Reporting options and summarization hierarchies in SAP CO

69RAuthor Marjorie Wright is an accomplished subject matter expert, author, and speaker, and is the founder of Simply FI-CO, LLC, a boutique SAP training consulting company. She is an education consultant in the components of financial accounting, management accounting, and financial supply chain management. With more than 25 years of training and accounting experience across multiple industries, she has conducted training for more than 3,500 learners in various environments.