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176Excerpt from First Steps for Building SAP UI5 Mobile Apps by Robert Burdwell.

SAPUI5 offers a dynamic demo kit for SAP developers. Developers have the option to view code and examples for Action, Chart, Container, Data Binding, Display, Layout, List, Map, Popup, Routing, Testing, Theme or Tile using the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit.


Samples of code snippets or solutions can be accessed through the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit. The Development Toolkit helps developers test examples and then use the
code for their mobile app development. SAP’s willingness to provide this demo kit increases the use and acceptance of the SAPUI5 framework.

Table 2.2 outlines the tab options available with the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit.


Table 2.2: SAPUI5 Development Toolkit

As you can see, there are plenty of learning opportunities and code examples to build apps. This can sometimes be an issue when considering a new mobile development environment – for instance, there is an abundance of mobile development options, but few offer code examples, demonstrations, templates and libraries to this degree.

Keep reading in First Steps for Building SAP UI5 Mobile Apps.

Overwhelmed with the options for building mobile apps with SAP UI5? This guide offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP UI5 mobile apps in Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Explore how to build business and data-driven applications using different platforms to deploy hybrid applications to multiple devices. Walk through the different environments that can be used with SAP UI5. Review best practices for leveraging the Model View Controller (MVC). Examine the advantages of development in an Eclipse environment, along with how to leverage SAP Mobile SDK and the SAP Gateway. By using detailed examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers quickly up to speed on the fundamentals of building mobile apps:

– Introduction to mobile and SAP UI5 development
– Steps for building mobile apps in Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Visual Studio
– How to deploy apps to multiple devices
– Advantages and disadvantages of using different environments


167Robert Burdwell is an Assistant Professor with Texas: A&M University, San Antonio and ERP Consultant with Burcamp. He has extensive experience in website and software development, system analysis, database integration, enterprise resource planning systems and business intelligence. He continually works with several organizations to improve their website development and online operations.  As for his education, he has a BS in Business Administration, MS in Computer Information Systems and a Ph.D. in Business with a focus on Information Technology Management. He has many certifications: Project Manager Professional (PMP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Titanium Certified App Developer (TCAD), Microsoft Certified Professional, Web Developer (ASP.Net and Adobe) and Database Programming.
To keep his information technology knowledge up to date, he participates in software development projects, attends technology conferences and training courses, and conducts research in the areas of enterprise resource planning and project management. He also enjoys volunteering with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and networking with professional organizations.