Use SAP BRFplus Like a Pro – New Video Tutorials Addition to the SAP eBook Library

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Fabian Bentz

25730 new videos on SAP BRFplus are now available in the SAP eBook Library.

In this package of 30 video tutorials, you have the opportunity to delve into four and a half hours of lively presentation introducing you to the essentials of BRFplus. At the end of this course – intended for SAP consultants at all levels, functional users, and ABAP developers – you will be able to successfully create complex business rules from scratch and automate business processes. Live demos presented in a step-by-step manner walk you through the process of creating and maintaining a business rule using BRFplus. Review BRFplus fundamentals including key features and get insight into how the tool works. Interactive exercises complement each lesson and help to ensure that you have absorbed the key principles. The video tutorials are divided into eight thematic blocks including fundamentals, applications and functions, expressions, actions, rulesets and advanced features. Learn how to create an application object and set up a simple function. Dive into expressions and actions. Examine a ruleset use case. Explore often-overlooked, advanced BRFplus features including personalization, versioning, catalogs and more. Knowledge of basic ABAP terminology and understanding of DDIC and function modules is useful, but not required for this course.
– 30 videos with 4.5 hours of instruction
– Fundamentals of BRFplus including key features
– Step-by-step instructions for creating a business rule from scratch
– Interactive exercises

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217Author Tom Zamir is an experienced SAP consultant, a BRFplus specialist, and an experienced SAP trainer. As one of the world’s premier BRFplus consultants, Tom regularly consults to healthcare and public-sector clients. He has a passion for teaching and training, and enjoys explaining intricate scientific and technological principles in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Tom holds a M.Sc. degree in Information Systems Engineering, a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A. in Management and Behavioral Sciences.