Resources for SAP Super Users

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Fabian Bentz

Catalog CoverAre you an SAP super user and in need of reliable SAP resources? This blog post covers a few resource recommendations for the SAP super user community.

First things first: what exactly is a super user? This article What is an SAP super user by Joe Dollries of itelligence does an excellent job of outlining SAP super user skills, as well as characteristics of a successful super user. Most importantly, a super user is “the first line of support for your customers (your colleagues using SAP)” and are subject matter experts in their department or functional area.

Super users need to stay up to speed on the SAP technologies that their company uses, as well as be prepared to troubleshoot problems as they arise. Here are 3 resources that we recommend for SAP super users.

Resource 1: Attend the annual SAPInsight Super User Conference 2016 November 10-11, 2016 in Dallas. Espresso Tutorials is a proud sponsor of the 2016 event and author Ashish Sampat will present a session on how to enhance the productivity of your SAP AshishSampatControlling implementation. Learn more about Ashish’s session here. Ashish is the author of First Steps in SAP Controlling and Expert Tips to Unleash the Full Potential of SAP Controlling.

141_3D Cover_Increase_ProductivityResource 2: Read the SAP ERP User Guide – Tips to Increase Productivity by Sydnie McConnell. This SAP user guide will help you to work with SAP ERP more efficiently and effectively. Learn more.

E-Books for SAP SoftwareResource 3: The SAP eBook Library provides access to more than 50 SAP books and tutorials and provides an excellent for SAP users to dive into their area of expertise. Start a free trial today.