Expert Advice – How to Prepare for an SAP Interview

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tanya_duncan_100_x_100Get expert SAP career advice from Essential SAP Career Guide author Tanya Duncan. In this excerpt from The Essential SAP Career Guide, Tanya offers detailed advice on how to prepare for an SAP interview including sample questions and answers.

Preparing for SAP interviews can be stressful with few available resources that provide SAP-specific advice. Interviews can involve multiple rounds and intimidating technical questions. For those preparing for their first interview or fifth, you can prepare yourself by following key pieces of advice.

SAP interviews typically consist of several rounds of phone and in-person conversations. Some companies also use business cases or ask interviewees to complete sample problems to demonstrate their competence. The format of interviews widely varies amongst companies, so preparation for the unexpected is crucial.

Most people view interviews as a question and answer session where the interviewee has little control. Instead, think of it as a time to highlight your achievements and skills while making them relevant to the position. This mindset will change your approach from responding to questions to taking control of what the interviewers learn about you.

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Career GuideFor more excellent SAP career advice, keep reading in The Essential SAP Career Guide – Hitting the Ground Running by Tanya Duncan.

SAP is the world’s leading enterprise applications provider with software solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on SAP to run their inventory management, financials, human resources, purchasing, and sales business processes. There are numerous job opportunities for all experience levels and the right approach can fast-track your career. This book is written for students and professionals aspiring to start a career with SAP as a consultant or users. This second edition includes interviews with leading SAP professionals with diverse career paths.
This book covers key SAP career topics including:

  • Fundamentals of an SAP job search
  • Interviews with leading SAP professionals in diverse career paths including leading SAP Executive Recruiter Jeremy Sisemore
  • Tips for choosing the right SAP module for you
  • Important SAP skills & tools

tanya_duncan_100_x_100Author Tanya Duncan is an experienced SAP Finance consultant with Deloitte Consulting. Her global implementation experience includes the energy, life sciences, and consumer products industries with deployments in North America, Asia, and Europe. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI with a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. She is currently an MBA candidate at Pepperdine University. Tanya has been with Deloitte Consulting since 2011, and prior to that worked for Owens Corning, a Fortune 500 global building materials company. She lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, Joel, and poodle, Maddie.